Men’s King Arthur Halloween Costume

From the tales of old, King Arthur has arrived and from the looks of things, he is more than ready to do battle if necessary. This Men’s King Arthur Halloween Costume has all the trappings that would make any king proud. Add a sword for detail to complete the outfit.

Men’s King Arthur Halloween Costume Features

  • Comfortable and lightweight,
  • Versatile design means it can be used for multiple events,
  • Sturdy and well made.

Men’s King Arthur Halloween Costume Description

You will receive more than what you paid for when this costume is delivered to your door. Looks more expensive than the actual cost. It will be a hit when you wear it for Halloween, a medieval event or any theatrical type function.

Points to Consider:
The sword, shoes and pants not included.

What We Liked Most about the Men’s King Arthur Halloween Costume

This is a really good looking costume that offers a lot of design and comfort. Any guy who is dressing up for Halloween will be happy to show up at the party wearing this. All of the pieces go together nicely and for an added touch you can order the wig to go with it.

What We Didn’t Like about the Men’s King Arthur Halloween Costume

As nice as this costume is, that is just how bad the crown is that was included. Not only do the parts not fit well when you put it together, but it is not adjustable which can pose a problem for some people. However you can add to your costume by adding another, better fitting crown.

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More about the Men’s King Arthur Halloween Costume

King Arthur Halloween CostumeThis costume is well made and will look great on any guy. Your friends will be impressed!

The costume looked really good but you may want to consider wearing a long sleeve shirt under the costume as the arm material somewhat scratchy.

As well you will need to wear a pair of pants or even tights since the costume does not come with them.

Most people found the armor, though obviously fake, to be awesome. It is super shiny and the “chain mail” looks great.

The crown is heavy rubber, with gold paint on most of it. It looks good on your head, but doesn’t hang together well sitting on a table.

This makes a good costume for Halloween or any other type of costume party.


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