Peace and Love Hippie Halloween Costume

Now you can go back to the 60’s with this hip Peace and Love Hippie Halloween Costume! Make love not war in this sexy women’s hippie costume! The costume includes a brown dress with a brightly colored peace sign print, attached fringed vest, fringed boot covers, and headband. Groovy man!

If you’re like me, you are a little mad that you didn’t live in the hippie time period. Or, maybe you were a hippie back in the day and want to relive your youth. Either way, this costume is a really cute way to do it.

There’s no better time than Halloween to become someone completely different for a night. This hippie costume will delve deep into your soul and get your most chill self to show for the night.

If you want a fairly modest option for Halloween night, this is a good dress to fit the bill. This dress isn’t as skimpy as a lot of other Halloween costumes on the market and it covers up a good chunk of skin. However, it is still a little short enough to show off your best assets.

Peace and Love Hippie Halloween Costume Features

Peace and Love Hippie Halloween CostumeThis costume comes with everything you need to be the hippie of your dreams.

It is a super cute costume with a fun repeating pattern on the dress and headband.

The vest and boot covers are made of the same velvety faux leather material that tie in the whole outfit together.

The pattern is vibrant and looks great on.

It doesn’t stretch a lot which allows the pattern to stay looking new.

It is all made from polyester and doesn’t feel too heavy or itchy.

What’s Included?

This hippie costume comes with everything you need for under $50 (depends on size). When you buy this costume you get the cute repeating pattern hippie dress, the vest, boot covers, and matching headband.

Peace and Love Hippie Halloween Costume Order Link: Hippie Costume

What we Liked Most about the Peace and Love Hippie Halloween Costume

Hippie Halloween CostumeWe like that this dress is really flattering on many different body types. It comes in multiple sizes, including plus size for the curvy women of the world.

The dress doesn’t hug too tight so it is forgiving on the areas we may not be super fond of. However, it shows off your legs and makes you look fantastic.

The dress is a bright color, which sets you apart from the traditional black of Halloween costumes. It is a cute costume that doesn’t require extensive face make up or anything like that to look good.

What we Did Not Like about the Peace and Love Hippie Halloween Costume

The downside of this costume is that it can be a little short on taller women. You’ll probably want to wear something underneath the dress in case a wind catches you off guard and blows it up.

Final Verdict

All in all, I would definitely purchase this again. The price is reasonable and you get the perfect costume for Halloween night. You can pair it with some fun circular glasses for the ultra hippie look.

It is a costume that looks great on everyone and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a hippie on Halloween.

Peace and Love Hippie Halloween Costume Video:

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