Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

There are dozens of Plus Size Halloween Costumes for women to choose from these days. You’re not relegated to dowdy costumes – you can pick something that wows easily and turns heads in an instant!

Plus Size Halloween CostumesFairy Tale Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Just about any of the costumes you see in smaller sizes are available for plus size, too. Storybook characters make for some very sexy costume ideas. For example, you can wear a Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume that has a cute short skirt with ruffled bottom and a sexy, red silky hood. Carry a little basket and wear thigh high hose and heels to complete the look.

While most of the Plus Size Queen of Hearts Costume InCharacter Costumes Women's Plus Size Queen Of Hearts Costume, Red/White/Black, XX-Large New Price: $139.18 Old Price: $139.18 You Save: are full length, fully sleeved gowns, reaching up to your neck, there are also plus size versions that have miniskirts and short sleeves, which plummet to show off your décolletage.

The same goes for Snow White plus size Halloween costumes – or the evil queen villain. Get a full length gown, or go for a sexy plus size number that’s short in the legs and arms, showing off all that you’re proud of on Halloween night!

Wizard of Oz Plus Size Halloween Costumes

If you’re into the Wizard of Oz, you can find plus size sexy costumes for Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, Tin Woman, and a Sexy Scarecrow. They’re all short dresses, and when paired with cute boots, make the perfect outfit for the night.

Fun and Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes

If you want a little more leg covered in your sexy plus size Halloween costume, then you can go with one of the other options, like a plus size fortune teller getup.

These are still sexy, and they’re typically off the shoulder like a gypsy outfit should be. Pair it with a big pair of hoop earrings and a headscarf for the ultimate effect.

Be a Super Hero with these Plus Size Halloween Costumes

If superheroes are your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that you can find all of today’s main characters in plus size versions for women. These include Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl and more!

Perhaps You Would Prefer a Character-based Halloween Costume

Some of the sexiest plus size costumes aren’t anything character-based at all. They’re the classic kind of costume, made for a sexy look.

That might include a slinky pirate outfit, busty Renaissance woman, or super sexy witch.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, being a plus sized beauty doesn’t mean you have to dress conservatively.

You can put on an eye opening costume this Halloween and show off your curves with an outfit created to showcase your best features.

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