Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Get your dog to join in the Halloween fun as this plated prehistoric pet, in the Stegosaurus Dog Costume. This dinosaur Dog Costume includes foam headpiece and padded green jumpsuit with attached spinal plates and tail. The body suit of the Stegosaurus Dog Costume connects under the stomach.

Stegosaurus Dog Costume Features

  • Foam printed headpiece
  • Foam padded costume with spinal plates and spikey tail
  • Bodysuit connects around the stomach

This has got to one hilarious pet costume!  The headpiece should stay on well enough without having to cut ear holes. Depending on your dog, you may have to add stronger Velcro but for most dogs the costume should fit just as it is.

Your dog will be a hit at any Halloween costume party in this costume!

What we Liked Most about the Stegosaurus Dog Costume

We liked that the costume is well made and seems to fit a dog very well. Everyone will fuss over your animal because they will look so adorable!

What we Did Not Like about the Stegosaurus Dog Costume

The headpiece will stay on well enough without having to cut ear holes. However if your dog starts running in the costume, the headpiece will roll off the head and hang around their neck.

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More about the Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Stegosaurus Dog CostumeThis costume is going to be a hit although I can’t vouch for how the dog will feel wearing it!

In fact it may take some time for your dog to get use to wearing it but if your dog is use to wearing dog clothing, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

How easy this is to fit will depend on your dog although this is really a cute costume and the quality is good.

The headpiece even comes with instructions for cutting out holes for your dogs ears for a better fit.

You will need to be careful when choosing the size so you don’t get a costume that is either too small or too large for your dog.

As well you want your pet to be comfortable.

This is the most hilarious pet costume ever!


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