Womens Elegant Princess Dress Costume

You know when you exclaim over and over again how much of a Halloween fan you are, and people start telling you to “Let it go?” Well, in this costume you really can let it go! This Womens Elegant Princess Dress Costume is the perfect Elsa costume.

Elsa, the Disney princess from Frozen, would be jealous of this craftsmanship. This dress is really very pretty and it is made in the exact fashion that the animated Elsa dress was made in.

You’ll look like you just stepped out of Disneyland and if you have children in your neighborhood, get used to little girls coming at you with wide eyed wonder. They may just think you really are Elsa!

Womens Elegant Princess Dress Costume Features

The similarity of this dress to the one in the movie is simply uncanny. Any hardcore Disney fan would have tough luck trying to find the difference. The material is absolutely beautiful.

The neckline is just like Elsa’s and the zipper closure makes all the difference. The sleeves are perfect with elastic to keep them fixed. As well the cape is also awesome.

There are a variety of sizes available from small to extra large. There is a fit for every woman.

What’s Included:

When you purchase this dress you get the dress and attached train cape. There are a number of accessories available at Amazon.

What we Liked Most about the Womens Elegant Princess Dress Costume

The dress is beautifully made. Honestly, I don’t even want to wear it outside it’s so pretty!

But, it says it can be dry cleaned so I have high hopes that it would be okay to wear.

The material looks delicate but feels pretty thick and sturdy so I wouldn’t be worried about anything ripping.

The material isn’t sheer so you won’t need an additional slip underneath the dress.

The costume is well made and will be perfect for Halloween or cosplay events.

Even if your daughter just wants a princess mom, this is the perfect purchase!

The price is around $60.00, which is way less than it would cost to make.

This is a Officially Licensed product.

What we Did Not Like about the Womens Elegant Princess Dress Costume

The only downside is you really need to know your size correctly. It doesn’t have any give to the dress so if you order too small, you could end not fitting into the dress. As well it will shed glitter, so be prepared!

Final Verdict

This dress is stunning. Literally, I felt like a princess and you really will too. While it may not be the typical adult costume for Halloween, everyone will think you look beautiful.

It is also the perfect cosplay costume. People will be jealous that you only spent $60 on a cosplay costume and got something that looks like this!

I would not hesitate to purchase this and you will not be disappointed.

Womens Elegent Princess Dress Costume

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