Animal Onesie Fun As a Costume or Pajamas

Animal Onesies have become a popular item of clothing, not just a costume and this cheeky adult unicorn onesie is no exception. It is made of super-soft fleece with sturdy stitching. You will find this onesie comfortable for sleeping in or just for sitting around watching TV. Great for those cold winter nights in front of the fire as well!

Animal Onesie Features

  • Made of ultra-plush material for comfort
  • Easy to take off or put on
  • One size fits most people
  • Side pocket for your cell phone or other items
  • Emolly Fashion donates to the San Diego Wildlife Conservancy

Animal Onesie Description

The plush fabric in these animal onesies will keep your warm and protected so there is no need for bulky extra innerwear.  They are made of polar fleece material so they are breathable and comfortable to wear. You don’t have to worry about itching fabric with this onesie.

There are a variety of colors to choose from including a rainbow onesie (my choice), blue, blue and white, pink, pink and white, or purple.

What We Liked Most about the Animal Onesie

We like that the material is soft and the onesie is comfortable to wear. We also like the quality and price of the item and can be worn as a costume, for lounging around or as sleepwear.

What We Did Not Like about the Animal Onesie

For the most part, there isn’t anything to not like about the animal onesie. However, although the onesie is cute and comfortable to wear, the fit is a bit awkward. It is slightly baggy through the middle but tighter in the arms and legs.

Animal Onesie Information Link: Animal Costume or Pajamas

This onesie has a cute embroidered unicorn style hood.

The playful design is easy to wear and can be worn to costume parties, cosplay events, Halloween parties or just hanging out at home.

You can even wear it as pajamas and sleep in it.

The hood will keep your head and ears warm on those cold or chilly nights.

It comes with pockets and as well comes in five different color combinations.

The company, Emolly Fashion is donating 5% of their sales to a minimum of $10,000 annually to the San Diego Wildlife Conservancy.

When making a trip to the bathroom you won’t have to take it off since there is a flap in the back.

Emolly Kids Unicorn Animal Onesie Pajama Costume

You can also get an animal onesie for the kids! Made by the same company you can get a matching onesie as they come in the same color combinations. It comes with top buttons that make it easy to wear or take off. 

Animal Onesie Video:

Animal Onesie Information Link: Animal Costume or Pajamas

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Emolly Fashion Adult Unicorn Animal Onesie Costume Pajamas for Adults and Teens (Small, Rainbow) (Apparel)


  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We’re so confident you will love our onesies that we offer a lifetime guarantee! If you don’t love the onesie, or the material doesn’t hold up for any reason, simple contact us for a refund.
  • KEEPS YOU WARM AND COZY – You can feel the ultra plush material when you wear this onesie so you can be comfortable, warm and cozy while wearing it either to sleep, hang out or at a party!
  • EASY TO TAKE ON AND OFF – Our one piece unicorn pajama onesie features buttons so that you can put it on and take it off easily. Side pockets make it easy to carry your wallet, keys and cell phone with you.
  • BREATHABLE POLAR FLEECE MATERIAL – Made from very high quality breathable material so that you can feel comfortable wearing the onesie for hours at a time.
  • SUPPORTS THE SAN DIEGO ZOO GLOBAL WILDLIFE CONSERVANCY – Emolly Fashion donates 5% of all sales with a minimum commitment of $10,000 annually to the San Diego Wildlife Conservancy. Shop with Emolly and Support the Fight to end extinction of species around the world.

New From: $37.00 USD In Stock

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