Belly Dance Halloween Costume Set

If you have always wanted to be a belly dancer, now is your time. Dress up for Halloween in this Belly Dancing Costume. The designs are made to fit a wide range of belly dancers from plus size to petite and there is also a variety of colors to choose from.

Tremendous Belly Dancer Costume Set
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Price: $64.99
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Belly Dance Halloween Costume Features

  • The costume comes in a variety of sizes from small to XXL.
  • There are 18 color variations available.
  • Includes skirt, tank top, veil, and hip scarf.

Belly Dance Halloween Costume Description

Belly Dance Halloween CostumeThis lovely belly dancing costume has a skirt and tank top set decorated with coins on the hem. There is a four-panel skirt with matching veil. As well there is a matching hip scarf. Add different accessories to make a unique belling dancing costume for Halloween.

What we Liked Most about the Belly Dance Halloween Costume

We like that there is a variety of different sizes and colors. As well we like how the costume is decorated as the charms are well attached and have a nice sound when moving.

What we Did Not Like about the Belly Dance Halloween Costume

What we did not like is that some purchasers found that the top was a different shade of color than the bottom. If you are using this for a Halloween costume, that might not be a problem.

Belly Dance Halloween Costume Info Link: Belly Dancing Costume

More about the Belly Dance Halloween Costume

The costume fits well since it has a little bit of stretch in the materials.

There are lots of charms (coins) on the costume so it will make a nice sound when you move.

It is well made and the colors are bright.

This costume exposes a lot of the body, so you will want to wear it where you can stay warm.

As well, you might want to wear tights under the skirt for a little more modesty.

There may be a slight difference in the color shades between the top, skirt, and veil.

The costume can be purchased in 18 color variations with two detail colors – choose from gold or silver.

Arabian Style Makeup Tutorial Video:

More Belly Dancing Halloween Costumes

Women’s Belly Dance Clothing

This is an elegant belly dancing costume that includes the bra, belt and split skirt. It comes in eleven colors and as well as different sizes. It is well crafted and could be used for stage performance as well as for Halloween parties or cosplay events.

Women’s Egyptian Style 3-Piece Belly Dance Costume

This beautiful Egyptian Style 3-Piece Belly Dance Costume features lots of embellishment. The costume comes in four different colors and three sizes. There are sequins, glass beads, multi-colored faux gems, and fringe. The halter style bra has straps that tie behind the neck. The belt is adjustable.

Children’s Belly Dance Halloween Costume

This delightful Children Belly Dance Costume is great for dance class, performances or Halloween. The set includes a head veil, top, pants, hip scarf and a pair of wrist decoration. It comes in three colors: red, dark pink and yellow. 

Belly Dancing Video

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Tremendous Belly Dancer Costume Set (Misc.)


  • Skirt Length: 37″
  • Skirt Waist: Elastic waist..stretches 26″to 46″
  • Veil Measurement: Length 108″(3 yards) Width: 36″
  • Hip Scarf Measurement: 60″ length -13″ width
  • For more colors see ASIN: B008Y2CEG4

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