Cheap Halloween Costumes

Do you love dressing up for Halloween but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume you might only wear once? Check out these cheap Halloween costumes and don’t worry if it only lasts for one night of wearing! We have kept the prices under $50 although most of them are under $30, so have fun choosing one these costumes.

A Selection of Cheap Halloween Costumes

The Hangover Alan Deluxe Costume Set

Are you a fan of the Hangover movies? If so you will love this simple but inexpensive costume of the Hangover’s Alan Costume. It comes with a t-shirt, a pair of regular glasses, a plush baby carrier with a fake Carlos baby that has a screen print face, a wig, and a beard and mustache.

Beer Pong Cup Costume

Not only is this an easy costume to wear it is also cheap at under $30. Just wear your own shirt and pants and you have a costume. The Beer Pong Cup Costume comes with a red and white polyfoam cup costume that has an open top and bottom with adjustable shoulder straps. Also included is an inflatable white ball.

Men’s Gothic Knight

This is another cheap Halloween costume that you an purchase and it is under $30. The Men’s Gothic Knight Costume comes with a tunic and hood. The tunic has a printed gothic cross on the front. Just wear with your own pants and you have a costume.

A Knight To Remember Medieval Knight Costume

Ladies here is your opportunity to dress up for Halloween and not spend a lot of money on a costume. The Knight to Remember Medieval Knight Costume comes with a screen printed chainmail armor design. It has shoulder guards made from a lightweight material and leggings with a lion crest design. As well there are metallic wrist and boot cuffs.

Uma Classic Descendants 2 Costume

If you are a fan of the Descendants movies, you will love this Uma Classic Descendants 2 costume. This is another woman’s costume that can be purchased for under $30. It features a dress with an attached vest, detachable belt and pirate hat. 

Girl’s Pirate Princess Costume

How cute is she? This delightful Pirate Princess Costume comes with a dress, hat, belt and boot tops. If your little girl loves being a princess and loves wearing pink this is the perfect costume. And under $35 as well! 

Pirate Princess Costume, Medium
List Price: $39.99
Price: $17.16
You Save: $22.83

Why Trick-or-Treating is a Healthy Family Activity

Trick-or-treating is often seen as something only kids do in order to get more candy, which might scare you because this means the household has even more sweets. However, it really depends on how you look at it.

Children Going Trick Or Treating

Trick-or-treating can actually become a good way to get in some fun exercise with the family. While it depends on everyone’s weight and how far you go, trick-or-treating for just an hour can burn about 200 calories when you run a little bit while you are out.

Follow these suggestions for turning trick-or-treating into a healthy family activity:

Jog, Run, or Skip Between Houses: Instead of just walking casually from house to house, turn trick-or-treating into a family exercise routine. You can do this by challenging everyone in the family to either jog or run in between houses.

You would be amazed by how tiring this gets, which means it is burning calories! Just make sure the kids are wearing comfortable shoes with their costumes and they don’t have long capes or gowns that would cause them to trip.

You can also alternate with skipping between houses, which is another great exercise.

Go To The Mall And Use The Stairs: When you don’t want to go trick-or-treating outside, the mall is one of the next best options. It is safe and secure, well-lit, and keeps you out of the elements.

When you are going to the mall for some trick-or-treating, make sure you are using the stairs and never the escalator or elevator. Try to go up and down stairs every time you come to a new set until you have hit all of the stores.

Go Out For A Longer Period Of Time: Instead of just going out for an hour in your neighborhood, consider walking a little further to other safe neighborhoods. If you can trick-or-treat for two or three hours, just imagine how many more calories everyone burns.

Turn It Into A Fitness Game: To go one step further, you can make a fitness game out of it. Keep a list of simple workouts you can do in the street, and go down the list doing one workout after every house.

After one house, you can do squats, or when you reach a house with spider webs in the front yard or a pumpkin on the stoop, you need to do lunges. You can also do this when you see certain costumes.

Using Cheap Halloween Costumes: “IT” Creepy Balloon Prank On Big Brother Video:

Look at all The Great Halloween Costumes!

Aeromax ASP-Romp Astronaut Suit with NASA Patch, 6-12 Months, Pink (Toy)

Oh baby! Our cutest size, Romper for 4 to 12 months, is the perfect way to start little ones thinking big. 100% soft knit fleece fabric, snaps for easy changing, one piece fitted footless romper for extra comfort and protection. Get Real Gear – Dress Up for Kids!


  • INCLUDES one Pink NASA suit with black trim, cute kid not included.. Complete with diaper snaps for easy changing.
  • HIGH QUALITY durable design. Made with 100% soft knit fleece fabric and Machine washable too!
  • REALISTIC DESIGN with attention to detail. NASA, commander, and US flag patches highlight this cozy suit.
  • COMFORTABLY fits children 22-29 inches in height or 14-20 lbs in weight
  • INTENDED for children ages 4 to 12 months

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