Simple Halloween Costumes

If you are one of those people who really doesn’t like dressing up for Halloween but also doesn’t want to stand out at your office or at a party, then how about choosing a simple Halloween costume. With this type of costume, you don’t have to worry about being comfortable but you can still have some fun with your costume.

A Selection of Simple Halloween Costumes

Doctor Lab Coat Graphic Printed T-Shirt

What could be more simple than wearing a printed T-shirt with your everyday pants or jeans? You can still be dressed up for a Halloween party but you will be super comfortable and the envy of everyone else who is wearing some hot costume! If you want to look more like a doctor, just add a stethoscope.

Men’s Black Masquerade Mask

What could be sexier or more mysterious than a man wearing a Black Masquerade Mask? Wear your regular suit and tie and add the mask. Not only do you not have to put a lot of effort into dressing up for a Halloween party, but you might just have them guessing who you are!!

Masquerade Mask for Women

This incredible lovely Masquerade Mask for Women comes in a variety of different patterns. The mask is made with filigree metals that are soft and bendable so they can be easily adjusted to the face. There are elastic bands which allows you to adjust the mask to your head.

Classic Wolf Ear Headband Costume

It can’t get more simple than this! The Classic Wolf Ear Headband comes in a variety of colors (black, brown, butterscotch, gray, rust and white). You don’t need anything else. Just put on the ears and off to work you go or to your favorite Halloween party.

Soft Fabric Butterfly Wings Shawl

Again, another easy costume. Wear a black t-shirt and black pants and add this colorful Butterfly Wings Shawl. Not only does it look amazing but you probably already have the rest of the outfit in your closet. There are 30+ patterns to choose from with this lovely shawl.

Women’s Cerulean Blue Crayon Costume

Dress up as one of your favorite childhood toys. Be a Crayola Crayon! This particular costume is the blue crayon but there other other colors that you can choose. Dress up in this fun t-shirt with a headband, and you’ll surely look like the brightest crayon in the box!

Lady Lawless Prisoner Halloween Costume

This women’s Prisoner Halloween Costume is just like wearing pajamas. Instead, you will be dressed up just like a prisoner in this costume featuring a black and white striped shirt with inmate number on the front.

Simple Halloween Costumes

These are all great Halloween costumes that have one thing in common. They are comfortable to wear, you won’t be spending a lot of money but more importantly, you can still join in with all the Halloween fun!

Look at all The Great Halloween Costumes!

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