Women’s Roman Empress Halloween Costume

With today’s Halloween costume choices, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide what to dress up as. If you have exhausted your options and tried every other costume in the books, what’s a unique costume that you can try? This Women’s Roman Empress Halloween Costume is a really cute costume that will work for everyone.

This is the perfect costume for those who want to look cute and not have a really revealing costume. The plunging neckline can be enough for a hint of sexy but this costume is all about beauty.

You don’t need to be revealing to look beautiful and this costume shows that. Depending on the size you can get this costume from around $20.00 to $35.00. Still a good bargain at these prices. This costume is the full package with everything you need.

Women’s Roman Empress Halloween Costume Features

The dress itself is made from 100% polyester. The white/cream part of the dress is somewhat heavy-duty and then the maroon part that goes on top of the cream is made of a sheer and silky material. The dress is ankle length, which makes it warm enough if you live in a colder climate. The sizes run from XS-XXXL so it’s the perfect costume for the average woman.

What’s Included

When you purchase this roman empress costume you get the dress with attached cape, medallions, and armbands.

Roman Empress Halloween Costume Order Link: Roman Costume

What we Liked Most about the Women’s Roman Empress Costume

Roman Empress Halloween CostumeThis dress is the perfect costume for everyone. No matter what size you are, this costume looks great on and doesn’t become too revealing at any point.

You don’t have to worry about it flying up or being a hassle when you have it on.

The sheer material and armbands add the perfect small detailing to the dress to make it look great. It’s easy to tell what this costume is supposed to be.

The price is less than $35.00 so it is a good budget choice for a costume.

It is also made by California Costumes, which is a well-known brand so you don’t need to worry about it being low quality.

What we Did Not Like about the Women’s Empress Halloween Costume

This costume is a good basic costume. I think to make it look even better you need to add a few more accessories. You can separately get the Roman Goddess Leaf Branch Hair Band or even a pair of Knee High Gladiator Flat Sandals, or how about a Gold Snake Armband?

Final Verdict

I would not hesitate to purchase this costume. While it is on the more simple side, it is well made and still a really cute costume. When you add some more accessories, the costume becomes extremely well done and there won’t be anyone who doesn’t know what you are.

For less than $40.00 for the costume, you can’t go wrong. This costume is the perfect costume for your Halloween night.

Other Roman Empress Halloween Costumes

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Women’s Roman Empress Halloween Costume Video:

Women’s Roman Empress Halloween Costume Order Link: Roman Costume

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California Costumes Women’s Roman Empress Costume (Apparel)

Features:  Includes dress with attached drape, medallions and armbands

New From: $20.12 – $46.30
buy now

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