Horror Halloween Costumes

What is Halloween without a little bit of scariness? Gone are the days of our childhood when dressing up in a scary costume meant finding a costume for a witch, goblin or ghost. With the number of scary/horror movies that have become popular, so too have been the idea of dressing up as one of the characters. Perhaps you would like to dress up as a zombie or a demon clown. Here are a number of scary Halloween costumes to make your blood run cold! Enjoy!

Horror Halloween Costumes for Women

Women’s Ghost Town Widow Costume

The Women’s Ghost Town Black Widow Halloween Costume comes with top, skirt, and hat. It makes the perfect costume for Halloween or theme parties. It is made of stretchy material so the fit should be pretty good. You will receive lots of good comments when you show up in this dress. The fan is not included but you can find a lovely lace fan here.

The Exorcist Regan Costume

Not a pretty sight! If you are looking for a sexy Halloween Costume the Exorcist Regan Costume is not it! This costume was designed from the infamous nightgown that Regan wears in the classic horror film. This costume has imitation vomit stains. Had some blood stains makeup to your face and you have a scary costume. Definitely not lovely.

Zombie Nurse Halloween Costume

The Zombie Nurse Halloween Costume features a blood-splattered and torn dress with matching face mask and bloody nurse’s hat. You might want to get together with friends and have a group of zombie people to make it a fun fright night! The costume doesn’t include stockings, knife, shoes or the wig.

Horror Halloween Costumes for Men

Complete 3D Zombie Costume

This Zombie Halloween Costume is sure to scare everyone including ghouls and goblins. The costume features a tattered shirt with PVC chest exposed that shows the bones and other organs, tattered pants with PVC bones showing and a PVC mask with hair and also gloves.

Men’s Evil Scarecrow Costume

The Evil Scarecrow Halloween Costume features a rough-hewn skirt, belt, gloves and a mask with a hood. The costume is creepy looking and makes a good costume if you want to show up at a party unrecognizable. Your friends are sure to be scared!

List Price: $37.04
Price: $37.04
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Creature Reacher Gruesome Bat

If you want to totally freak people out, you will want to show up to your next Halloween party as the Creature Reacher Gruesome Bat! The costume features a floor-length black robe, oversized bat latex mask with a gaping mouth and hand extensions with realistic claw details. There are protruding teeth and horns on the mask. It is a sight for sure!

Quick Bloody Face Makeup Tutorial Video:

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